Data Collection

RACAS brought to you by SHEPHERD, is a mobile road condition survey and reporting tool for profiling road infrastructure assets.

As You Drive

The RACAS road condition survey tool works by capturing high resolution imagery and GPS data as you drive. Users are able to record road condition, remedies and defect information using custom forms on a touchscreen mounted in the vehicle.

System Integration

Data captured during the road condition survey can be used to create capital renewal works programs for your road network and can be integrated with your existing GIS and Asset Management systems.

Data gathered with Mobile RACAS can be assessed with Virtual RACAS, (our reviewing tool) which enables the viewing, editing and reporting of data collected.

High Definition

Photos in High Definition, so defects can be shown in excellent detail and capture rates as fast as three every seconds.

Playback Control

Photos captured during the road condition survey are played back like video – and the speed altered to either skip over areas or slow down for detail.

User Friendly

Our RACAS software is easy-to-use, adaptable and reliable at the user interface – a touchscreen is used which is supplied with mounts to the vehicle.

Adaptable Software

The RACAS software can be placed in a mode so that someone can just drive the road network quickly if a flood event is imminent.

Common Outputs

Such as Mapping Data Files (Esri), Image Files (geotagged JPEG), Data files (Text, CSV, Excel)

High Sensitivity GPS

Fast, sensitive GPS system is used where points can be reliably plotted along the road without the need for correction and post-processing – in even the most heavily wooded or overcast conditions.

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